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that age? >> she's? good shape. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> get more news from "good morning america" or anytime at >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> thank you. straight ahead, the religious tension. growing calls for a florida plan to burnop his copies of the koran. good morning. i'm alison starling. >> we have more on that story coming up in just a moment. we begin with to traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will check in with lisa baden. but first here's adam caskey. >> good morning. welcome to the morning show. we do have a cold front that is pushing on into our region.
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we could use every little ounce or hundredths of an inch of rain we can squeeze out of this cold front. not much rain happening. it moves towards the shenandoah valley. we are dry. we could use showers. just a few showers out west and parts of central virginia. 73 in leesburg. 76 degrees right now at reagan national airport. up near 90 again this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. you will notice some changes. west winds of 20 miles per hour and gus higher than that. >> not much to talk about on the highway. no accidents to describe on 95, the baltimore-washington parkway, good coming at the southern maryland, route 4, route 5. uneventful on 66, 95, 395, the
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greenway, and the dulles toll road. looking at the beltway, not much happening. welcome to o-dark-30, ladies. more condemnation for plans for a florida church to burn copies of the koran. hillary clinton said during the holy book would be disgraceful. other political leaders have also come out against the plan. it would hurt all religions. >> bearing false witness against your neighbor is against the koran, is against the bible, it is against the gospels. we have to be here. >> the question we have, if we do not do would come out when to stop backing down? when do we stop giving into islam? >> thank you. the burning was planned and
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proposed to a mosque being built at ground zero. president obama will mark the attacks and joe biden will travel to ground zero in new york. michelle obama and laura bush will travel to pennsylvania for ceremonies marking the crash of united flight 93. president obama will roll out his latest plans for the economy. the white house is working to reverse popularity problems. emily schmidt has the latest. >> it is round two. president obama will outline his new plan for a fixed. >> this is not about the next 60 days or the next 90 days. this is about how we will get our economy fully back on track.
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>> two weeks ago, john boehner described his plan and called on the president to fire his entire economic team. >> we had 19 months as government as a community organizer, and it has not worked. our first start needs to begin now. >> there will be billions of dollars of tax incentives. their research tax credit will be properly extended. but the plan needs the support of congress. >> president obama is doing a terrible job at handling the economy. >> in a poll, 92% of americans say the economy is in bad shape. 32% believe republican proposals would make things better. >> what we're seeing is a revolt
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against the status quo and it is all about the economy. >> bush tax credits will be kept in place for some couples. it would expire at the end of the year for those making more. we are following a developing story from los angeles. a plane made an emergency landing after a bomb threat on board. someone wrote the threat on a mirror. right now, authorities are screening luggage and interviewing crewmembers. they have not found anything. there is a barricade situation that is now over. it started at 9:00 p.m. smoke was seen coming from the building at one point. one man was taken to the hospital. no word on what led to the
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standoff. police are searching for a gunman who shot a man at seat pleasant. one man was taken to the hospital. no word on what led up to the shooting. college park is on high alert again. there was an incident off campus early tuesday morning. now one victim is the telling his terrifying ordeal. >> every week there's a new e- mail about a new robbery. >> a rash of robberies has police out in full force. everyone is on alert, especially this man who does not want to be identified. >> it was kind of scary. i tried to remain cool. >> he said monday night while walking home from a friend's house, two men confronted him
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pick what they put a gun up to my head and told me to give them money. they said do not look at them or they would kill me. >> he obeid and is grateful he survived. eyed and ishe obei grateful he survived. suspects traveling together attacked and robbed a student or group of students. one student knows all too well about crime in college park. his plays was burglarized last fall. now he wonders how this crime wave will impact his final year. >> it is scary. >> some arrests were made in an earlier case. it does not seem to have stopped the robberies. they hope investigative work
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will lead to more arrests. jake corpse, college park, for abc 7 news. >> thank you. we have 74 degrees outside. >> little monsters takeover the nation's capital, but no lady gaga concert can avoid controversy for long. >> the race for the district's next mayor. >> near 90 degrees. relief is on the way. >> near 90 degrees. relief is on the way. we
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adam caskey live in the weather center. we are dry. we could use showers. we have a few sprinkles to speak of with a cold front pushing on through. along the west virginia-virginia border, moving towards lire \ / we have a few showers. there are a few sprinkles out west. we will take every ounce of moisture we can get. 70's on our way to near 90 this afternoon. sunny and breezy. gusts in excess of 25 miles per hour. a high temperature of near 90. >> normal travel times are in
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our favor at 95 and 66. in riverdale, water main repair continues. this takes us to a quiet beltway in montgomery county. back to the news desk. 74 degrees outside. >> two states up in smoke. the latest on twin fires in michigan and colorado. >> primary elections and things are heating up with one candidate using a new tactic. -r( music playing ) one - we know technology can make you more connected.
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captioned by the national captioning institute in our top stories, hillary clinton has joined a growing chorus of people condemning eight churches plan to burn copies of the koran. other leaders have come out against the move. the church as pastor said it is in response to a proposed community centered near ground zero. the president will unveil a new plan to jump-start the economy. businesses will be able to write off 100% of new equipment. others say the white house is missing the big picture. there were two more muggings at
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the university of college park campus. we turn out to the district's race for mayor. six days left before the race. pamela brown is live with details of one candidates new strategy and the latest from the final stretch. good morning. >> we are on the home stretch. one candidate is beefing up his campaign tactics. vincent gray has launched a new website and is targeting disillusioned fenty supporters. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on district residents. i can say they are right. >> he is one of many former members of the fenty
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administration who say they agree fenty has turned his back on the community. this is all part of vincent gray's strategy to woo voters over to his side. he is claiming the underdog. early voting ballots show fenty has a slight advantage over vincent gray. he thinks he will bring it home on election day. there are many early voting locations. so many reporters have gone into a verbal exchanges. both candidates are asking their supporters to tone it down. they say it is a bad reflection on them. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the illegal immigrant accused in a drunk driving crash that killed a none has been indicted. carlos martinelly-montano crossed a median and struck a
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car that was carrying three nuns. sister jeanette marie mosier was killed. montano been charged twice before with drunk driving. the employment authorization document. this is a precautionary document to approve an individual's federal authorization to be in this country. this is how carlos martinelly- montano obtains a virginia identification. the department of motor vehicles is dealing with another problem. if you had your photo taken, you will have to return and do it all over again. there was a government computer outage spirit photos taken on august 25 could not be recovered. letters will be sent to the applicant to return to take a new photo. the loudoun board of
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supervisors will decide if holiday displays can go on the courthouse lawn. more than 50 people lined up to speak. critics call religious displays an infringement on the separation of church and state. they want to see a ban decorating the court house altogether. >> this is a special privilege. i believe it is an inappropriate collaboration between religion and government. >> members of the city council's support having this blaze. the court house -- is up to the loudoun county leaders to make this decision. amazing video from detroit where the dozens of homes winds up in flames. at least 25 homes were
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destroyed. police are still investigating the cause. fire investigators say a car crashed into a propane tank may have sparked a massive wildfire outside of boulder, colorado. dozens of homes have burned and thousands of people have been evacuated. 73 degrees outside. >> the ladies takeover chinatown -- the lady takes over chinatown. we will check out the sights and sounds from outside lady gaga's sold-out show.
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wednesday morning. adam caskey here with your forecast. good morning. we could use some moisture. it has been a few weeks without rain. there is one lucky shark moving into winchester and north of harrisburg and approaching the luray. it is warmer than yesterday. 76 right now at reagan national. yesterday, 94 was the high temperature. the record today is 100. i believe we will be a few degrees cooler than yesterday.
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upper 80's for most of us. becoming breezy. and becoming less humid because of the cold front. breezy and sunny tomorrow near 80. upper 70's to finish off the workweek. sunny and near 80 this weekend. >> thank you. 73 degrees outside. it has been a long time.
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>> thank you. a break from politics. there was dance of all tie. broadway, have pop. michelle obama posted the event. there was a workshop for dance students from across the country. one of the music industry's hottest star is never short on controversy. >> lady gaga performed just blocks from capitol hill. her fans were waiting to see what she would do. we caught up with some of the self professed little monsters. >> some came to the concert tape.g top tapeduct
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many say they relate to the pop sensation. >> i have been teased all through high school. >> whether speaking against the arizona immigration law, the artist has always been outspoken and test the boundaries often. >> she says what she feels. >> her most controversial move has been this ensemble, wearing nothing but a bikini made of raw meat. much of the crowd said that is what makes lady gaga special. this is how they expressed their gratitude. this guy across dressed in order to win tickets to the show. >> she is at the age where she doesn't understand the lyrics. >> in local mom needs to understand that they know that.
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>> this is appropriate. this is her talking. >> at the concert, lady gaga spoke in favor of gays in the military. she dedicated a song to a female soldier who had to resign because she's a lesbian. at the verizon center, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> there you go. i think people were standing outside the verizon center. >> and inside even more. more still ahead in our next hour. >> a muslim backlash. a group of leaders issued a call for respect. >> it is scary. it makes you not want to go out at night. >> more violence at college park. >> more trauma for big al. park. >> more trauma for big al.

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